In my previous article, I described how to enable multi-lingual support for your android application which uses just static text. You can find it here

But most of the applications don’t just have static text. We have some text that comes from the backend as well. In this article, I’ll tell three different ways to translate the dynamic text. You can choose any one of them depending on your need. For me the third method worked well.

🚀Using Google Cloud Translation Service:

Google Translation API

GCP offers Translation Service. Some of its advantages are:

🟢 Its easy to implement

🟢 You can buy plan according to your need…

We live in a world with diverse languages. India only has 22 primary languages. That’s why we see that most of the global apps and the local Indian apps have multi language support. There are two types of texts that we show in our app depending on their origin:

📱Static : It includes all the text that is static, i.e., the text is written inside the app as a string. This includes all the text in the xml files, class files, etc.

🌐Dynamic : It includes all the text that is dynamically fetched from a remote database through firebase, some…

How to make an offline cache in android using Room database and MVVM architecture? 👨‍💻


No one likes the buffering animation. Android apps should have an offline cache for data that is fetched from the internet and is needed frequently. After all it also saves the internet bill of the user and the app can be used offline also with outdated data. Here in this article I’ll tell you how you can easily implement offline caching in your android app using the Room database.💯

⚠️This article contains concepts

If you’re using MVVM in your application, it will suit you best but you’ll at…


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